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^6 clear glazes

updated sun 8 nov 98


Amy Gossett on sat 7 nov 98

Hi there..

Here are the ones that were so graciously given to me. I have used them =
and over.

=5E6 Semi Gloss

Custer Feldspar 40
Gerstley Borate 18
Whiting 16
EPK 10
Silica 16

Matt Clear =5E6

Gerstley Borate 47
EPK 20
Silica 27
Alumina Hydrate 6.0

Glossy Clear

Neph Syenite 46.2
Gerstley Borate 28.0
Silica 20.4
EPK 5.4
Bentonite 1.0

Hope someone can use these=21

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