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'body' sculpture, with crappy line feed

updated thu 17 sep 98


Joanna deFelice on wed 16 sep 98

gavin, i checked the Options/Send dialog but there is no box to check for
word wrap. mostly i'm trying to remember to make carriage returns at what
i 'think' will be a good length for sending. it's very frustrating.

any other help on this would be dearly appreciated. my eudora is part of groupwi
i don't know how they are connected, but i'm on a network, and between
the network and this windows crap (yes, i prefer macs, can't help it) i have a
hard time trouble shooting. especially when sometimes word wrap functions
properly and then it just doesn't. sort of like my life.

sigh. talk about whinin'

joanna, in eugene, where fall is coming on
see you at the eugene celebration!

>>> Gavin Stairs 09/16 7:11 AM >>>
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Every now and then we get a message like this on the list, with all the
lines truncated at 80 characters. The problem is usually this: the
originator has a mail editor which does not insert line-feed characters at
the end of every line. The assumption is that the display program will do
the line wrapping at whatever line length it wants. This is fine, except
that the unix mailer that is used to propagate the list doesn't like long
lines, and truncates them at 80 characters. So we don't get to see the
rest of the paragraph.

Please set your mail program to the "word wrap on send" option. In Eudora,
this is found in, check the Word Wrap box.
Then we all get to read your post.


At 08:44 AM 9/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>well, the following may seem a bit weird to some of you. however, i really
do ne
>here's the deal. i have a friend who wants to try some pieces in clay
using the

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