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spray foam for packing

updated sat 25 jul 98


Sheryl A. VanVleck-Wells on fri 24 jul 98

We have a bronze artist friend, who places plastic around his bronze and then
sprays the household insulation in for a form. Boy, is it neat the first time
I saw him unpacking and repacking at a show. No breakage, no paper, no mess.
Sheryl VanVleck in Casper, Wyoming, where you can't see two feet across the
road. A rare fog day today

Russel Fouts on fri 24 jul 98


>> A friend has recently taken a part time job at a local gallery. Part of
her job is unpacking pots and other art work in the gallery
warehouse. Along with the unpacking comes getting rid of the unwanted
packing materials. Many of the pots are coming packed in the spray in foam
and the warehouse is rapidly filling with the stuff. They would prefer not
to load down the local landfill and are hoping that someone out there might
have a suggestion for recycling. <<

This is something new. Does it come in different forms, non-plastic foams?
perhaps celulose? Knowing what else it's used for might help me find it
here. A can of builders spray foam filler/adhesive got me thinking along
these lines but I suspected that that particular foam would glue my pots
into their boxes.

Is it applied with or without clothing? ;-)


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Mike Gordon on fri 24 jul 98

It works great! Many, many years ago L.A. Art Museum packed one of my
ceramic pieces that way, snug fit. It is slightly abrasive though so I
would rerap in plastic or clear wrap to protect delicate surfaces, Mike