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self-study curriculum

updated sun 26 jul 98


Janet H Walker on fri 24 jul 98

Hi there gang. I have one of those open-ended requests for you that
always bring out the best in this group...

I was taking a class last year as part of trying to make some kind
of forward headway with clay. The instructor suggested that I spend
some amount of time doing intensive study of various clay traditions
as a way of finding the one that matched how I tthink and work.
This seems like quite an interesting strategy for us "self-taught"
people. (But I do prefer the phrase "independent study".) So I
asked the obvious question -- name the great ceramic traditions? He
got all inscrutable on me and so I'm still wondering which might be
most productive.

Anybody like to take a crack at this?
- Name six great ceramic traditions and hazard a guess at what I'd
learn most about from each.

For extra credit:
- Is this strategy likely to lead to interesting results. (If not,
suggest another. Explain your choices!)

- How long a study session might one need to even begin to
understand that particular piece of the past? (I won't consider
the obvious answer, i.e. "a lifetime" because all I have left is
less than half of one. Be reasonable!)

I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this. Cheers,
Jan Walker
Cambridge MA USA