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private lessons once again

updated thu 30 jul 98


Dana Henson on wed 29 jul 98

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Just an observation...would it not be better to reserve hostile comments,
>as those made in reference to the person inquiring about charging for

>lessons, when those comments are based solely on assumptions?
>If I recall correctly, he was asking the question originally because he
>to charge a FAIR price...seems to me that he wouldn't ask if he wanted to
>somebody off!
> Dana Henson
>(Heck, it's only 106 degrees in Pilot Point, Texas today)
>Dear Dana,
Do not be so wishy washy,there is more to this world
than money,try giving,you may be pleasantly surprised at the result of this
action. Bob Hollis

Hello Bob,
There you go again---making assumptions. I am pleasantly surprised
and rewarded on a regular basis, thank you very much. My students are
responsible for that and I only get paid as much per month as you make per
evening for this reward! Preach to someone's likely that Mr. Benezue
would appreciate it as well.
Far from wishy washy,
Dana Henson
(Hot and humid in Texas and ready to change the subject)