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updated sun 13 jun 04 on sun 2 aug 98

One last post before I go on vacation: Both Photographing Your Craftwork by
Meltzer, and Photographing Your Art Work by Hart are out of print. We do have
two other books on craft photography though: The Artists Handbook For
Photographing Their Own Artwork by John White, and Small Scale Photography by
Charles Brain which is a book and video combination. Please contact the shop
for more information.

Happy summer!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
31 Thorpe Rd Needham MA 02194
781 449 7687

Joyce Lee on sat 12 jun 04

My first Short Course in Photography book=20
arrived today. I'm pleased enough with it that
I've ordered another. The first book is camera
specific; the second is Digital DeskTop Studio
Photography. Each of these books may be too
elementary for many of you, but I found..... not
to my surprise..... that I need more than even the
best camera manuals provide. However, I continue
to function better with a very basic informational
style. Their website is:

I have nothing to do with this group. I'd never
heard of it before last week and I'm hoping that
you're not going to provide me with your negative
experiences. Well, no, that isn't true. If you've
had a bad experience, I do want to hear it so I
can avoid the same myself. I'm hoping you haven't
been burned.

Speaking of which, I had a disappointing attempt
to purchase a camera with this week. I'd
ordered a digital camera from them. It gets complicated
from there but end result is that I thank the powers
that be that I hadn't paid my credit card charge
yet. Amazon ordered my camera from a third
party without informing me. I heard nothing from
Amazon and nothing from the third party .... not even
sure of the company name. Amazon said that they
could do nothing for me except to reiterate the
company's e-mail address. No other information
was available to me, the customer. However, the credit card charge was =
from Amazon. It gets duller&duller, but I was angrier&angrier. Finally, =
I did hear from the third
party who said that they stopped doing business
with Amazon around the date of my order.... because
they were being held accountable for much mis-
information and inaccurate statements on Amazon's
part. I spent most of today getting the considerable
credit card charge removed. Amazon was quick
enough to charge my account but spent weeks
evading my questions. I thought they were bigger
than that. My error.

Phooey! Well, I think it's taken care of now and
a different digital camera from another company is
hopefully on the way.

Drat. Enough innocent mistakes occur from=20
genuine ignorance; it's extremely annoying to
be an almost-victim of deliberate evasiveness
....... and that's being generous.

In the Mojave desert of California USA just
recalling a similar experience with Amazon, but
THAT one only cost about $20.00. Amazon
offered a major ad for a "special treatment" for
aging skin (yes, I'm vulnerable to such ads .... or
I was). I figured what the hey and added the
"cream" to my order. It took forever to arrive
and when it did, it was...... couldn't believe it.......
four bars of DOVE soap..... which I could have
purchased the same day and for less money at
our local Rite-Aid. Grrrr Still angry at my
gullibility over that one...... and, no, I don't want
to buy any bridges .... unless Ron Roy is selling