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low fire red glaze

updated tue 28 jul 98


Beverly Crist on mon 27 jul 98

Here's a cone 04 red that I like. I use it on white earthenware, it's too
transparent to look good on red clay.

Potter's Palette Alkaline glaze with red stain, 04

Pemco Frit 311 (ferro 3124) 75
EPK 15
Flint 10

Cerdec Bordeaux red stain 5%

This stain is encapsulated which supposedly makes it safe to use. You can
check the archives for people's opinion on the safety of this type of stain.
Also, Cerdec makes other reds which you could experiment with and you could up
the percentage. This is a transparent gloss glaze.

Beverly in hot Dallas - but I'm going to San Francisco on Wednesday, yeah!