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updated thu 30 jul 98


ret on wed 29 jul 98

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On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Dan Finch wrote:

> I would like to subscribe to Kerameiki Techni Magazine by using Visa. I
> would also like to order the last 4 issues at the same time. How do I do
> this?
I am going to answer this to the clayart group since I've got several
requests. (Will try to proofread it this time)

For subscriptions write to

kerameiki techni, PO Box 80653, Piraeus 185 10, Greece.
Or phone/fax ++30 1 4114322,

or try email: (not too responsive, I found)

Send Name, address, postal code, country, tel/fax #,

I would like to subscribe for: 1 year (3 issues) or 2 years (6 issues)

Start my subscription with number......

I would like to order the following back issues..........


International checks payable to the order of Kostas Tarkassis (personal
checks are not accepted.)

Give credit card #, expiration date, cardholders name and signature
(please printname clearly)

Cost: US $30/annum, $10 per back issue. Airmail postage included.

and enjoy it!!!!