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colorado trip

updated sat 25 jul 98


Eydie DeVincenzi on fri 24 jul 98

Well finally!

My [altered] itinerary for my trip to Denver is now stable. I will be
checking out of Brenkenridge Resort on Sunday morning, Aug 16th and I hav=
the whole day to roam around the area before my flight back to Washington=
DC, leaves from Denver International just after midnight (officially Mond=
morning). =

For those who did not see my previous message, I will be attending a
meeting where they are putting me up at the Breckenridge from the 13th to=

the 16th. Never been there but it sounds like a very upscale and formal

I would love to spend Sunday more laid back and seeing what is happening,=

mud-wise, in the Denver/Boulder area. And what I'd really really really
enjoy is to talk mud and share a cup of coffee with some local artists. [=
usually bring one of my small pieces with me on my trips because it is so=

difficult to explain my [colored clay] work. =

Will anyone be around on that weekend? Are there any events that may be =

Eydie DeVincenzi (or
Silver Spring, Maryland