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chun red - cone 5 or 6 oxidation; recipe request

updated tue 28 jul 98


Lee Sipe on fri 24 jul 98

Hi everyone. Several years ago, I purchased a commercial chun red glaze. It
was not very good; it ran badly & did not give a true color. I would really
appreciate anyone sending me a troubleless glaze recipe for chun red; cone 5
or 6 oxidation.

Lee Sipe
Columbia, SC

John Britt on sat 25 jul 98


My experience with that Chun Red, (I think it was Laguna, is that you
need to fire it on a porcelain body (white) to cone 7 in the kiln
sitter. Then soak it for a half an hour. You need to adjust you
application so it doesn't run. (Like one coat on the whole pot, then
two coats on the top half, then three coats on the top one-third. That
way when it runs it won't run off. You need a good thickness. Since
the glaze contains silicon carbide it needs, either a half hour soak or
to be double fired. So if it doesn't look good the first time, re-fire
it. You may try putting on another coat on the top half. I found it to
be a beautiful glaze especially in carved or fluted pieces. It is just
a bit tricky.

John Britt
Dys-Functional Pottery
Dallas, Texas

Kathy A. Cheriki on mon 27 jul 98

Hi Lee,

I also had a terrible experience with this glaze! I put on three coats as
the container said to do and it ran and pooled on to my kiln shelves.
Also the color was horrible. It was a mottled goop! I talked to the lady
at the shop where I buy my clay, and she said its a beautiful glaze if it
is applied very thinly. Haven't tried it yet. As you, what I had
conjured this glaze to do and what it did was totally different! I will
try it again sometime, but with one coat!