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ceramics worth (was: private lessons?)

updated mon 27 jul 98


Fabienne on sat 25 jul 98


I am stunned at the prices posted thus far. You have to follow the local
market, granted, but these prices seem ridiculously low, minimum wage low.
As a student tutoring other students in foreign languages, I was taking
much more; why should ceramics be less important a skill? Afterall, it
bails a lot of people out of stress and other 20th c. ailments. I am sure
there is more to it, too. Is that all you feel you are worth? Why do I
sense a feeling that you're ripping people off?

This brings me to asking the following questions to all of you out there
who do it has a hobby or professionally -- forgive me if I am missing
someone :)

What is ceramics purpose in our 20th c. society? What is it's current=

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Ardis Bourland on sun 26 jul 98

I must say I have not been reading most of the posts on charges for private
lessons. If you figure out how much a school teacher gets per class of 18
kids...lets take a ball park figure of $70...then shouldn't private lessons be
more? Now that may be too much but I know tutors get $65-$70 an hour in N.Y.
for any other subject after school. I totally agree with Fabienne that we are
selling ourselves short and must feel unworthy to consider such things as
$5.00 per hour!!!!!!