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ceramics competition for internet gallery

updated thu 30 jul 98


Earl Brunner on wed 29 jul 98

High quality ceramics are being sought for the ceramics section in the Fine
Arts Visitor's Gallery
. Selections to
this permanent gallery are made in a monthly juried competition in the
Submissions Gallery on the same site. If you would like to participate in a
monthly juried selection, visit the Submissions Gallery also on this fine arts
site at

This is a rare opportunity for free publicity for artists on a high traffic
site, attracting over 11,000 visitors per week at this time. Instructions for
submitting work to the gallery are at
. Please do not
submit work without reading the instructions first!

Gallery owners are invited to submit work by their artists, linking back to
work of the artists on their sites.
Chris Jeffries
Fine Arts Guide at the Mining Company