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book for beginners

updated thu 30 jul 98


Peggy Heer on wed 29 jul 98

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Hi all...just came across this little book in a second hand shop and bought is one of the very best little reference books I have ever seen,
written in VERY plan language, and with all the info a new potter would
need to set up a studio, mix clay, mix glazes , fire kilns, make own
equipment, tools, health and lots more. I would recommend this book to all
new potters and those especially who are in the process of setting up their
own 'first studio' situation. Cheap price...US 10.95, Canadian 14.95
soft cover and full of stuff, even for the established potter.
I picked it up for 8.00 Canadian.....lucky today. ;>}}

First published in UK 1997 by Hodder Headline Plc, 388 Euston Road, London.
and by
NTC Publishing Group in the US 1997.
The catalogue record for this title is available from the British Library.

ISBN 0-8442-0011-5

It's HOT here in Sherwood Park, AB but winter is coming soon enough and we
need to soak up all this warm weather. ;>}}}
As Always in Clay Peggy

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