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04 clear anyone?

updated sat 8 aug 98


Clyde Tullis on sun 26 jul 98

Need a good 04 - 03 clear. with...........

not much gerstley.
not much crazing.
doesn't get cloudy.

Clay body is like Lagoona's R2.

Angelica Pozo on fri 7 aug 98

This request was a while ago, but I kept forgetting to bring my book from my
dusty studio to my relatively dust-free computer room at home.

Pat Loughran's clear glaze, taken out of "Low-Fire Ceramics" by Susan

90 Frit 3195
10 Ball clay
1 Magnesium Carbonate

I've used it for years. He says to spray one thin. I brush it on thin and have
had good results. No clouding (if thin enough), no crazing (if clay body is
vitreous,otherwise you get delayed crazing). To alleviate this problem with my
clay body I now bisque my underglaze decorated ware high ( cone 01) and glaze
fire with above glaze at 04.

Angelica Pozo