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fwd: potfest cyber-space competition

updated sun 19 jul 98


Richard Burkett on sat 18 jul 98

The first few competition images, for "sacred container", are now up on
the Potfest site Click on either Potfest the
Competition, or What's New and you should get to them. I don't think
I'll have time to put up any more before Potfest, as its only 20 days to
go and I haven't started making my sacred container yet. I have spent
the last three months badgering the other 200 potters to get making
theirs for our on site exhibition at the potters market, and now its
time to put my money where my mouth is, or should that be my mud where
my mouth is.
Plenty of time for you procrastinators to enter the Cyber Space
Competition though, as that deadline is October 1st...... .. and just a
message for Mark in Oregon..... you might have had the cyber-tux cleaned
but till I get your Competition entry you'll just be outside with your
nose pressed up to the window gate-crashers at the Pyromaniacs
chris cox