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updated fri 17 jul 98


Joyce Lee on thu 16 jul 98

This is my last post before clearing out and hoping to come back from
B.C. WEGGless. Although Bill, the initiator of WEGGdom is a very nice,
patient clayarter and probably wouldn't mind if I continued my WEGGy

I want to make a sculpture-like piece of my to-be-hammered pots instead
of hammering them. Bad pots but interesting glazes and forms. We were
thinking about building it on a concrete foundation and just epoxying it
together. Have any of you done this? I have a major store of
appropriate pots with more arriving every kiln-load. Any suggestions?
Do's or Don'ts. Thank you.

In the Mojave glad the tire that blew (sounded like a bomb) on the motor
home blew sitting here on our place, rather than on the road. Turns out
it was "dry-rot." Disgusting. We double-checked. True. New tires all
around. Expensive.