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hay creek comments

updated mon 13 jul 98


Joyce Lee on sun 12 jul 98

Although I, too, would have loved to be even an "observer" at Hay
Creek, I don't see how Mel or anyone else can be faulted when he
states, to paraphrase, that enrollment is at a max for many years to
come. Truth's truth. Can't be argued. Of course, being the decent,
generous man he has demonstrated time and again that he is, he dreads
writing about Hay Creek...most likely NOT because he dislikes the
"clamoring nor the clamorers," but because he knows that he'll have to
say, "no, there's no room." That's the part a man such as Mel would
"hate"... having to turn people away. AND, even more significantly,
reading posts about fellow clayarters and their experiences, successes,
hours toiled, preparation of food, hygiene or lack thereof, spirit of
sharing, little quirks, big quirks, experiments with kilns, humor and
good natured attitudes DOES enrich at least this l/1248th of the clayart
recipients. I'm tempted to say, "What a bunch of brats"....but know
that would be rude, now wouldn't it?

In the Mojave thinking this is a good time to be going away.