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ceramic artist from iran

updated fri 10 jul 98


Barbara Brown on thu 9 jul 98

Babak Daleki, a 34 year old ceramic artist from Tehran Iran is visiting
the San Francisco Bay Area for the next 3 months.He is anxious to meet
other potters and see their work. He needs a studio to work in and a
place to stay. In exchange for this he will help you in any way. He's
been working in my small one person studio for the last month. I gave
him my dried up clay to recycle and let him use my glazes and fire his
work. In exchange for this he has helped straighten up my studio. My
studio is so clean and beautiful it is a joy to work in. Email me
privately if you can help. Also he will be attending the Assoc of Clay
and Glass Artists Festival in Palo Alto on Sat. I will be working the
tableware exhibition(inside the front door of the Cultural Center) Sat
from 10-2. Come see me and I will introduce you.

Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
1225 Manzano Way,Sunnyvale,Ca. 94089