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shipping questions &popcorn

updated fri 3 jul 98


Charlie Riggs on thu 2 jul 98

Blue wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I missed the original question but saw some responses. Thought I
> might add this tip: My brother has had to ship very fragile and expensive
> astronomy equipment..he packs it in popped popcorn. I imagine the birds at
> the dump at the other end appreciate the free meal :) I wonder whether this
> would work for the product you were asking about?
> Judy


I too used popcorn for shipping...ONCE! I was trying to be
environmentally correct at the time--now I am a convert to

The shipment was one large pot sent airmail to Europe.

The response of the reciever was great! "The pot is in pieces but the
popcorn is delicious." Popcorn breaks down very quickly no matter how
densely it is packed---therefore allowing the pots or whatever you are
shipping to bash about in the box.

My advice--use popcorn with caution, but DO pay attention to what brand
you are using...a flavored popcorn might be even better since the
reciever may want the option of eating the popcorn while playing
restorative archeologist with the pottery. :)

Linda Skov-Riggs