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an international ceramics competition with 4 only entries

updated wed 1 jul 98


Ray Carlton on tue 30 jun 98

below are details of a ceramic competition that has prizemoney attached


and she will send you need to send a jpeg of a certain size
but cant recall the size

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>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 08:49:42 +0100
>From: chris cox
>Subject: Re: competition
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> writes
>>Hi Chris here is an entry for you cyber-space ceramic competition
>Hi Ray - Many thanks for the entry.
> A slight technical hitch has meant rethinking the project [
>only four people in the world having submitted work to date ].
>Plan B
> We were hoping to run this parallel to the Potfest internal
>competition but for this first year at least it might make more sense to
>include those entries too. If there were 150 images on air by the end of
>August it might encourage a few others to have a go. For this reason
>everything has been put back slightly. The first images will be put up
>mid July with the bulk on by early August.
> Please bear with us through these teething problems and
>congratulations on being 25% of the world motivating force in starting
>what we hope will eventually be an event of international significance.
>Any suggestions in motivating the rest of the potting universe
>gratefully received. Also, any thoughts on a theme for 1999?
>chris cox
cheers :) Ray Carlton

McMahons Creek Victoria Australia