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right brain/left brain/dif slant

updated wed 24 jun 98


tmartens on tue 23 jun 98

I was recently given that Right brain drawing book.
I have discovered things about myself that make a great deal of
sense! I spend most of my time in the Right brain....which is why I
tend to swan around "knowing" things without a logical clue as to how
I got there.
However, the minute I used to pick up a pencil to draw, the darn left
brain kicked in and dastardly things like fleas with rabies would
emerge from the end of the pencil. Much blood sweat and tears would
finally produce something that could be euphamistically termed "in
the primitive style"
However, I am assiduously doing the excercises and WOW I am drawing!!
Actually drawing! That book is potent magic, I can really reccomend
it to those "can't draw' folk.
Toni Martens, grinning despite the %%@@###* financial state of this
crazy, sunny country (South Africa) third mortgage hike in 2 weeks...
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Ralph Loenthal wrote
> I have a feeling that both Hal and Marshall are correct in
> what they say. I have found that for me to draw anything,
> first of all takes for ever, and secondly it lokks worse than a
> nursery school child's first attempts at finger painting. It is
> far easier for me to ask Fay, the artistically talented one in
> this relationship, to do the drawing. It is done in seconds