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low-fire silky matt

updated wed 24 jun 98


FRANK GAYDOS on tue 23 jun 98

The funny thing about trying to find a certain textured glaze for your
project is the idea Tony Hanson has been expounding on his web site.

That is: there is an intimate relationship between the clay body and the
glaze. Different clay bodies will affect different glazes depending what
is in the clay body recipe and what the glaze is composed of.

A great example of this occurred recently while I was testing a clay
body for a colored clay class coming up this summer. The shop glaze in
question looks beautiful on our redart clay body, satin-matt and takes
color great. The same exact glaze will not stay on the new ball/talc
body. Shiver city all over the place. The opposite also happened, a
crackle clear on redart works absolutely great on the 50/50 body, no
crackle, a perfect fit.

Moral of the story is learn how to control glazes to do what you want
them to. Maybe the addition of some EPK in a your clear glaze might be
enough to make it go 'Eggshell'.

Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
Philadelphia,Pa.19147-5821 USA