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updated tue 23 jun 98


Joyce Lee on mon 22 jun 98

If any Clayarters are going to make the trek to Michael's farm and
Vince's workshop this summer, be sure and have Vince teach you his
method of creating masks. Very simple and effective. (Of course, Vince
makes all lessons seem simple.) I taught this to my mentee from the
Desert Art League this year and she created an elephant's face with
wonderful wrinkled trunk, floppy ears etc, rakued it and wound up with a
show piece. Actually, she just made a mask form and the elephant
revealed itself. Would make a grand project for student shows, I'm sure,
and something different from the "form a life mask which says something
about you." After attending the workshop last summer, I've made some
sort of mask every time I've worked with slabs. Several have survived
and the bisque forms have been awaiting the final glazing for a long
while...think I'll crack-shino one...just that, crack-shino applied
gloppily in areas hoping for pinholes and crawling. Can't wait.

In the Mojave, enthralled by the young wild desert rabbit who dares to
come onto the patio and gaze for 10-15 minutes at a time through the
bottom of the sliding glass door. You know his mother must have told him
to stay away from the house but he's out for adventure...