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updated tue 3 jul 12


Jenna Logan on mon 22 jun 98

I'd like to hear from any potters out there who are able to make a living
strictly from the sale of their pots alone.
What type of pottery do you make (functional or nonfunctional, all handmade
originals or slipware from molds ) ?
Do you feel you had to compromise your art to create what sells ?
Generally where do you sell your pots ?
Are you in business alone ?
Any words of wisdom you can pass on from your experience ?
Anyone care to share their story ?
Thanks for
your time,

Nick Zappa on fri 28 dec 01

Our Gallery had the best month we have ever had. We are still having =
decent sales. No bargain hunters or sales on work. We were very thankful =
for the support. Nick Zappa

Zappa Pottery & Gallery Inc.
18800 P-61 Trail
Montrose CO. 81401
970.249.6819 Studio
970.252.0303 Gallery
970.252.0104 Fax
877.504.6819 Toll Free

Kathie Wheater on mon 11 aug 03

Hello Sherry,
Weeelcome to the world of of selling the out pourings of your soul! Ignore
the negative (they have issues with manners) graciously accept the positive.
On labels...
I don't do'em. They're a pain. Some of my work gets shuffled from gallery to
market to show and the price has to fluctuate. Some galleries take a 50%cut.
They end up EVERYWHERE.
I found one stuck to my derriere for $8.50. I won't disclose ensuing comments.
You can fudge your numbers that way too.
I use duplicate receipts from OfficeMax and record their address (w/permission)
for future ref. Some folks have an address book for cust. to sign
I carry a small note pad (or post-its) for notes and sketches.
must go,
the fort just collapsed

Ben Morrison on mon 2 jul 12

If you haven't seen this idea before, you'll want to watch this video. It's=
a great video about why you do what you do.