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firing ^10

updated tue 23 jun 98


Pamela Pastrana on mon 22 jun 98

Hi there, I'm new at writing, but old at reading here. Thanks to all for all
the info I have gleaned and all the interesting comments!!
I recently tried to fire some new glazes (i tested them first on tiles) and
they are ^10 reduction. I also tried a cone 10 reduction for the blood red,
with copper oxide. Needless to say, I didn't get too far into the red zone.
But then, I realize that this is a hard color to get... ? I got a more purple
tinged color, and lots of green. Not enough reduction? I'll keep trying if I
can get some hints here.
AND I use Laguna WS10 and am looking for some white glazes, have tons of
recipes but nothing Really white. Can anyone help?
And am I crazy to think I could make myself a pugmill? I can't afford the
cash for a new one and noone parts with them any where around me. I can use
all the hand made tools I can get. ie extruder plans, etc.
Thanks a lot,

Pamela Pastrana who just got back from the Grand Canyon. The whole place
looked like a painting. (But not one of mine)