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shipping to japan (old topic)

updated sun 21 jun 98


John Baymore on sat 20 jun 98

HI all. I was catching up on reading old CLAYART digests from the time of
my great computer crash (still many to go ...sigh) and came across this
question. Hopefully the little bit of info here will be still of use to

=3EDate: Fri, 22 May 1998

=3E I need information from any of you that have shipped pots to Japan...
=3E carrier did you use?... Air or Surface?... Cost?.... Length of time
=3E for shipping?.... Are there sources on Internet for this =
=3E I know several of you have gone through this process and I would like to
=3E pick your brain... no sense in reinventing the wheel ..... please let me
=3E hear from you asap.... thanks in advance.... Paul Watkins

The US Postal service has something called Parcel Post Surface Mail that
goes, in this case, by ship. Cost is about 1/2 to 1/3 of the Air Mail
charge, but it takes at least 4 weeks and usually 6 weeks. Great....... if
you have the time to use it. Plan ahead =3Cg=3E=21 Weight limit for one =
is 44 pounds, I think. 10 lbs Surface Mail to Japan is =2424.36 versus
=2464.64 via Air Mail. Plus insurance, and duties and the like.

A really small piece could be shipped via Letter Package (at a maximum of 4
pounds) and contain some personal correspondence also, but it is slightly
more expensive than Air Mail Parcel Post, and isn't insurable.

Express Mail International Service is slightly cheaper in certain lower
weights, but has size restrictions. At 5 lbs, it is =2434.00, versus Parcel
Post Air Mail of =2437.44.

FedEx has a number of options....... but none are exactly cheap. But they
ARE faster. From what I have found in checking options, FEDEX is cheaper
than UPS International Air. 10 lbs FEDEX International Priority Express to
Japan is =2493.00. However they have a special =22up to 22 pound box=22 =
the 10K Box) that goes for a flat rate of =24129.00.... a far better deal if
you have the option of the poundage of including more pots in one shipment.
They also have a 25K Box for =24214.00.

The Japanese Air Freight companies that I have checked out have always come
in more expensive than either UPS or FEDEX.

If you are shipping a large volume of stuff, check out Nippon Express or
Yamato Transport and see about Sea Freight in a container. Long time frame

Shipping pots to Japan isn't cheap no matter how you slice it.... at least
as far as I have found out. (Love to here some other options I haven't
found yet....anyone????)
But you have to remember that it IS half way around the world from the USA
=3Cg=3E. With the exchange rate slipping (about 140 Yen to the Dollar now
versus about 110 two years ago) the sale price value is eroding a bit, but
is still far higher valued than in the US.

Makes you want to throw REALLY thin =3Cg=3E.



John Baymore
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