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updated sun 21 jun 98


Vince Pitelka on sat 20 jun 98

I will be out of town for most of the rest of the summer, primarily on the
West Coast doing workshops. I do not want to seem to be pushing my own
workshops, but I do want to say something about Michael McDowell's
extraordinary studio and farm, and the effect it has on the level of
enjoyment and productivity in the workshops we do there. It is an idyllic
spot, and Michael tends it with a loving hand. Michael is a very fine
potter/craftsman, and applies his ethics of qualilty and sincerity in the
studio and in the garden. He does a fine job orchestrating these workshops,
and inspires us all to productivity and creativity. And when it comes right
down to it, I suppose the most important thing to say is that we just have a
Hell of a good time.

I expect Michael will re-post the information on the slip-decorating
workshop and Ancient Clay workshop I will be conducting at his studio/farm.
His post will also include info on the colored clay workshop I am doing in
Vancouver BC. If you have questions about the workshops at Michael's email
him at - if you have questions about the colored clay
workshop in BC, email Olga Campbell at

Thanks for enduring what might seem a little self-promotional.
- Vince

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