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pit fire/raku question

updated sat 20 jun 98


centa uhalde on fri 19 jun 98

Having never pitfired or rakued, I have this big lopsided red art pot,
bisqued then brushed with low fire mat glazes. It is really ugly but I
thought it might make a good experimental piece for one of the above
methods of firing. Anyone with such experience? Would the glazes get hot
enough in a pit to melt? Being mat would raku be a waste of time? The
studio I go to is doing a pit fire and raku soon, that's why I ask.

While I'm at it, in the low-to-mid fire range what glazes, slips or other
surface methods enhance or support carving on functional and non-functional
ware? Scrafitto seems like a great direction for linework, but for a more
carved surface? Even the limited experience I have with high fire
reduction, it seems it is an effort to find glazes that work with carving.
Oh, yeah, I forgot to add, I am not really into the shiny gloss look.

Thanks again,