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subject: re: velvet underglazes

updated tue 23 jun 98


Karen Abbo on wed 17 jun 98

I have used the Amaco Velvet Underglazes on both lowfire and midfire pieces.
have used them under clear gloss glazes and under clear opalescent glazes, and
both have come out looking great. I apply them to both bisqued pieces and
to leather hard or drier pieces. Whan I bisque fire, I go to cone 04 for low
fire. The mid fire is bisqued to cone 06. The colors seem to come out
brighter when I apply the glazes over them. I haven't had any problems with
cloudiness at all.
Karen in western NY where the temperature has returned to a Fall-like quality

Robert S. Bruch on mon 22 jun 98

Does anyone have experience patching or
otherwise repairing velvets tht have
flaked or discolored fired to cone 6
with no glaze applied?

Bob Bruch