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clay leading to other art

updated sat 13 jun 98


Cheryl L Litman on fri 12 jun 98

I just took a sculpture class and loved it. Many of the ideas I was
working on in clay got transposed into the sculpture and vice versa. It
got me thinking a lot differently about many medias and which lends
itself to what. I've gotten a lot of inspirations from taking art
classes outside of clay. I'm never going to become an expert in those
areas as there isn't enough time my life to do it all but the exposure is
sure fun - as is seeing things from the perspective of another
discipline. It really helped me get unstuck.

Cheryl Litman
Somerset, NJ

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998 10:28:11 EDT Dan Wilson writes:
>Alot is being said about artists "discovering" clay. You know. "I came
>clay as a painter." Or "I discovered pottery while working as a
>Did anyone ever "discover" painting or sculpture while working as a
>Did anyone ever look up from the wheel and say to themselves "Hey I
>that art stuff. I think I'll do some."?
>Dan Wilson

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