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soak firing schedule

updated tue 9 jun 98


Dale McCleskey on mon 8 jun 98

06/08/98 07:35 AM

Marie: you asked about soaking your paragon kiln...

I also have a paragon that size. The blooming thing fires so fast that I
can't get a decent glaze without soaking it. I've used two methods,
depending on my own schedule and availability. The first makes more sense
to me, but in practice the glazes come out well either way. Without soaking
I get pinholes galore.

Process 1: I fire it till the kiln-sitter falls. Then I prop the sitter
back up so I can continue firing, set the timer for two hours, and turn all
three switches to medium. That keeps some heat going into the kiln, slows
the cooling, and the glazes do well.

Process 2: I time the firing till I know it is close to shutting off. Then
I turn the top two switches to medium for two hours. (bottom swithch stays
on high) Then back to high till the sitter trips off.

Yep, I'm guilty of using the sitter rather than watching cones.

From: marie elaine
Subject: Soaking Firing Schedule
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I have never tried to soak using my electric kiln. However, the recent
discussions on this subject makes me wonder if I should't try. My question
is how to adapt or adjust my current schedule to accommodate the soaking
I have a 7 cubic foot paragon, top loading, three tier, electric kiln with
an installed kiln sitter, and overhead exhaust fan. I don't have a
programmable controller or pyrometer. I do use kiln sitter cones. My ^5-6
firing schedule is very routine:
1. First hour: lid propped, all spys open, all switches on low
2. Next 3 1/2 hrs.: lid down, bottom spy in
3. Next 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.: all switches on medium, middle spy in
4. Finally 1 1/2 hrs+ or -: all switches on high
5. Kiln sitter shuts off: top spy in
Once the kiln sitter shuts off, what's next? Which switch(s) goes back on
and for how long? Do I leave all the spys in during the soaking process?
Does soaking generally improve glaze characteristics?
From very hot, still in the 100's, florida. Marie Elaine