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will the real cone 6 please lie down?

updated tue 9 jun 98


Janet H Walker on sat 6 jun 98

...I am curious about all you cone 6er's experiences...

...are all
your cone 6 glazes now more like cone 5's, as is the case with mine?
I've found that every new cone 6 glaze I've tried seems to mature
with the cone 6 just barely beginning to drop

Similar. I bought my kiln and first boxes of cones right about the
time you describe, I guess. I had lots of firings in which the ^7
started to move before the ^6 dropped. Recently I bought new cones
and found that they were extremely different for ^6 anyhow. The ^5
is about the same as before and the ^6 is more all the way down (tip
touching when using a self-supporting cone), when firing with the
same firing profile on a controller. I can only speculate that
perhaps once again something has changed in the cone world.

I've decided to give the ^5 and even ^4 glaze recipes that I see
more of a look. Since they "don't make cones like they used to",
the old texts like Green, Conrad, and Behrens may have the glazes we
want listed under ^4 or ^5. Many of the published ^6 glazes
(e.g. Cushing handbook) that I try seem to come out obviously
underfired or really dry.

Jan Walker
Cambridge MA USA

Bobbi Bassett on mon 8 jun 98


I really like my old cone 6 glazes and don't want to change. With the new
cones I fire to a cone 7 and they are fine. We potters just have to adapt when
industry pulls these little sneakies. It's a bit like the old pilots that
"flew by the seat of their pants". We have to do the same thing.