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crackle glaze vs, food safety

updated fri 5 jun 98


John H. Rodgers on thu 4 jun 98

-- [ From: John H. Rodgers * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Modern dishwashers heat the water to 180F and that along with a chlorine
bearing dishwasher detergent will render most any piece of pottery food-safe
.. If the dishwasher is to rigorous for that favorite piece of crackle glazed
pottery, or for a favorite pot with a crack in it, hand wash in hot soapy
water, rinse in hot water, then rinse again by complete immersion in very
hot water with two or three tablespoons of Chlorox or other chlorine bleach
in it, then drain and air dry. It will be as clean and sanitized as one can
get it with out boiling the poor thing.

The reason for running it through the the clear rinse before dipping in the
chlorine water is to remove any soap that could reduce the effectiveness of
the bleach.

This procedure will guarantee sanitary food-service ware and utinsils even
in primitive conditions, provided of course that all food particles are
removed in the soapy wash stage.

John Rodgers
The Alaska Guy in Alabama