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crackleware and bacteria

updated sun 31 may 98


John H. Rodgers on sat 30 may 98

-- [ From: John H. Rodgers * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

All this talk about crackle glaze and food is a
worthwhile discussion. Broadens ones knowledge, and gives basis for personal
decisions on ones selection of things to eat on or drink from.

I used to be with the U.S. Public Service and much involved in food service
inspection. Any ceramic or glass ware with cracks was verboten.....
prohibited and had to be discarded. This was enforced in any facility where
the public was involved. Schools, hospitals, dental clinics, you name it.
But for personal was your choice....your life. We offered
training to those not educated to food safety, sometimes it was accepted,
sometimes not.

But in every case involving public exposure a concerted effort was made to
bring about behavior modification where food handling was concerned, and
watching out for and getting rid of ceramic items with cracks in the glaze
and/or the clay underneath was an imperative that was stressed. And with
good cause. Bacteria can and do get in the crevices and can survive. They
may or may not make you sick. They may or may not contaminate something else
which in turn may or may not make you sick. So the question becomes....Is it
worth the risk? I think not. I for one simply do not like being sick and I
won't risk it myself. So, I won't use any crackle glazed item for food

The choice is always yours!

John Rodgers
In Alabama