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classes anywhere?

updated wed 3 jun 98


Catie Lowder on sat 30 may 98

hello there! Does anyone have any info about classes or workshops in the
Cleveland (OH) area, esp. in early July? I have the schedules for CIA and the
Valley Art Center, but otherwise I don't know of any other options and I
desperately need some because I have a lot of conflicts with the classes
offered in both places and I'm very sad about it. thank you for any help at
-catie ( --that o is not a zero)
(by the way, any place that does raku firing would be extra extra appreciated)

Kathy A. Cheriki on tue 2 jun 98

Hi Catie,

I, too, live in the Cleveland area, and have taken some classes at TRI-C.
They do Raku firing there, I did some at Metro campus and also at the
Western campus. I had a really super experience at Metro, a great
teacher, really knows his stuff, I don't know if he is still there his
name is Paul Miklowski. He does a great Raku, we always had alot of fun.
Also at Western campus, the stlye was a little different, and didn't get
as many peices fired as I would have liked, but if nothing else is
available it works. Check out the TRI-C website, sorry I don't have the
address on hand, they have the summer schedule online. I myself signed up
for a Watercolor class, and will be taking some computer graphics in the
fall. I don't take pottery there anymore now that I have a studio in my
basement, tho I would like to go back for Raku, since I don't have that
facility at home. At Metro we made our own Raku glazes, etc... I have a
few recipes for some dynamite Raku glazes if you need them--also with the
Raku firing we always had a little "party" everyone brought food and
drinks and we would partake during the firing, also everyone was involved
in every aspect of the firing---can really be a good experience--by the by
registration has started for summer, so if you wanted to take a class I
would start soon, if not wait for fall, they also offer 3 sections of
ceramics in the Fall. We pretty Raku'd all year, outside of really
horrendous weather. Have a great time this summer!!!!