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saggar fire workshop

updated fri 29 may 98


Ratku on wed 27 may 98

Saggar Fire Workshop with Edge Barnes

Demonstration - Wednesday, June 17, 1998 7:00 - 10 PM
Firing - Saturday, July 11, 1998 (rain date: July 12) 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $50.00
Location: Debbie and Al's Place, 7925 Farmingwood Lane, Raleigh, NC 27615
Questions: Contact Debbie Howell at (919) 676-9237 or

Workshop will consist of two sessions focusing on exploring various
methods of firing burnished low-fire ware in containers (saggars) inside the
kiln for development of color and surface markings.

First session will be demonstrations of throwing and burnishing
techniques with a discussion on materials suitable for making pots, types of
saggar containers and materials used in the firing process. Second session
will be on techniques of loading saggars for different effects and firing
participants' pots in their saggars in a raku kiln. The time between the first
and second session is designed to give all participants sufficient time to
prepare and bisque work suitable for this firing process. If you do not have
access to a kiln to bisque fire, call Debbie to make arrangements to have pots
fired by July 11.

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Refreshments will be provided
both sessions, as well as lunch for the firing session. YEAH!

Edge Barnes is a potter living in Raleigh, NC known for highly burnished
and polished spherical and organic forms fired in both saggars and open pit
firings. Experimentation with a variety of materials and firing methods has
led to developments of a broad spectrum of surface markings and colors.

Please contact Debbie Howell with any questions: e-mail RATKU@AOL.COM or
(919) 676-9237. Send payments to Edge Barnes, 7925 Farmingwood Lane, Raleigh,
NC 27615. Be prepared to have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lhasha Danska on thu 28 may 98

----------------------------Original message-------------------------
Saggar Fire Workshop with Edge Barnes...

....Edge does some great stuff!!! He is so amazingly inventive and has
will experiment with just about anything. Does some great pit-firing
and horsehair pots too!!!


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