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updated sat 30 may 98


Ditmar/Gayle on wed 27 may 98

Paranoia. Wow, it sure creates anal behavior and zealots.

I'm not speaking of industrial or gross abuse of health and purity
standards. Merely the every-day-life-that-used-to-be-normal kinds of
things. Our government, that sets these standards is usually the last to
conform to them, and usually succeeds in polluting or poisoning citizens on
it's own. We, on the other hand take their word and try to create a sterile
utopia. Our collective immune systems are so isolated from natural
processes, and over-assaulted by cleaning compounds and sanitizers, that a
little dirt might do more good than harm.

We've created super germs immune to anti-biotics. People are diagnosed as
"chemically-sensitive". Fake cooking fats that create diarrhea are
considered a benefit to mankind. Artificial sweeteners that create brain
tumors are used in almost every product. Big business is selling toxic
waste to farmers as pelletized mineral supplements for their fertilizer
use. Tobacco.....alcohol...... It's all part of making big bucks.

Now that we have the technology to measure things down to nano- or pico-
grams, we feel compelled to reduce our exposures to levels of that
order......or to zero. Those levels are often unrealistic, since many
environments have background levels higher than measurable tolerances. Our
bacterial fear has spawned the bugs we spurn. Our attempts to wipe them
out, help them adapt to harsher living conditions. We are becoming the
softer ones, more open to any assault on our systems. An immune system,
like any other part of our body, needs to be healthy. To be healthy, you
need to exercise and use the system. It needs to be adaptable.

Our own hands have more cracks and bacteria than a clean plate. The food we
put ON the plate may have more toxic materials THAN the plate.

Humans are strange animals, we'll kiss and share germs, pet animals, dig in
fertile bacteria rich soil, wipe babies butts and shake hands. But we'll
quake at the thought of cracks in a plate.

Just an opinion, but I think we all need to lighten up, look at the bigger
picture and get on with life.

From Alohaland, Ditmar.

Jan Wax on thu 28 may 98

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------

>Our own hands have more cracks and bacteria than a clean plate. The food we
>put ON the plate may have more toxic materials THAN the plate.
YES! Great post, Ditmar.
And has anyone else noticed that the latest Smith & Hawken catalog (upscale
house and garden catalog) features functional crackleware... bowls, plates,

Lorca Beebe on fri 29 may 98

What a great post! I was just thinking this morning about the class that I'll
be teaching this summer at the Brookline Adult Ed. here in Boston, you can
like your tongue on the studio floor, not that I dont like a clean studio, but
this is scary. When I taught art to inner city kids in DC the biggest problem
was when they dripped paint on themselves and were afraid of gettin a woopin,
so I had to wraped them all up in Glad bags in the middle of the summer heat.
I know about silica and the lungs, and hopefully this summer I'll join the
non-smoking fascists...but I dont think I'll ever give up Manganese Dioxide,
Barrium, Lithium or Lead....