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vince's nw workshops update

updated tue 26 may 98


Michael McDowell on mon 25 may 98

Got myself in a little hot water with my favorite sparring partner Vince
over what I said about the slip workshop he'll be giving at my place. Seems
he's afraid I gave the impression he'll be wingin' it! Vince has consummate
skill with slip decoration, as he does with colored clay, and "Ancient
Clay". OK? He's got this vast store of knowledge, gained from 20 years
experience working with slip decoration doing a variety of functional (Oh I
don't want to get in more trouble here, probably non-functional too) pieces
that he continues to produce for galleries to this day. He's been teaching
it to his students too. This is just the first time it's been packaged in
workshop format. But hey! Does Vince shit in the woods? He knows workshops!
This will be a great one! That's why I want to be sure to have the time to
be there every moment I possibly can. Get out the html software, we'll have
to redo my web page after I become the "Slipmiester of the Northwest"! He
agreed that we can handle up to twelve at my place here. He knows my place,
I trust him, you can too.

Lot's more room in Ancient Clay where the max is 16 lucky ones. I'll be
"Schlepmeister" for that one! Kayo this is your cue! I'm not sure on the
status of the colored clay workshop in Vancouver BC. Last I heard they had
six, they'd like twelve or more, but they're sure it's a go.

Get the whole poop at my website. Check my signoff for it. No web 'cess, go
find some! If you don't make it, there'l be that much more Vince and more
room by the campfire for the rest of us! How's that for ARROGANCE! :-)

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA