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discount on vince's slip workshop

updated sat 23 may 98


Michael McDowell on fri 22 may 98

I'm still waiting for Vince's decision on how many we can accept for his
inaugural presentation of his Workshop in Slip Decoration that he'll be
giving out here this summer. We had tentatively set that number at ten, but
I don't think either of us really thought we'd reach that. I believe we are
up to seven registered for this already, and I want to make sure that I have
a little more free time than usual at this one 'cause I have long wanted to
add these skills to my vocabulary in clay. So before the thing is closed up
tighter than a drum, I have a proposition to make. I propose to discount the
fee from $275 to $150 for "the right person" who will be willing to break
off during the day as needed to help keep running smoothly, especially in
the matter of getting our expense shared group meals to come off in a timely
fashion. I'm not asking this person to be "the cook", "the busperson" or any
one thing. These will all be shared responsibilities amongst the group
eating together. But in the matter of timing, some things will really need
to be done when no one will want to break away. I'll most likely be doing
that for the Ancient Clay Workshop, though judging from last year, willing
and gracious "accompanying spouses" may really be a big help with these
things for both workshops. It's a party every night out here, it seems, and
we're generally all pretty anxious to get thing straightened away so the
fastidious Vince feels comfortable finding his seat by the campfire and
getting out his guitar.

I would also want this "right person for the discount" to be willing to hang
around on Friday and help restore post workshop order to the facility here.
Though Vince and I have only briefly discussed this possibilty at some point
in the distant past, I'm sure he'll make every effort to see that this
person does not miss out on any lasting value through "devotion to duty". If
any amongst you or any you know might be interested, please contact me
directly off the list at You can find really detailed
descriptions of Vince's offering for the workshop (slip is Aug. 3rd thru
7th) and lots of background on Vince thru my web site included in my
signature below.

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA