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craft fair info

updated sun 24 may 98


DianeS1234 on sat 23 may 98

There was a long discussion about this last year (?) on the list, that's
probably why you aren't getting many responses. After you've been on the list
for years, queries that come in right after the topic has been discussed ad
naseum do not elicit an outpouring of advice. No one's fault, that's just the
way it is.
Please research the Clayart archives. You will find every e-mail on craft
fairs, wholesale shows, inventory, discounting, billing, booth setup, cheap
pedestals, etc.
An easy way to look for this info is to visit . (Don't
forget the backslash at the end.) This site is very easy to navigate, and
seems to be up to date. You'll receive the collective wisdom of Clayarters
over the years. Good luck, Diane in Tucson, where the second batch of baby
doves is about to leave the nest and I'll be able to use my patio again!