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career advice

updated sat 23 may 98


Mark Heimann on fri 22 may 98

-- visit a bunch of craft fairs and look at booths, especially lighting.
talk to the artists
-- get and read Wendy Rosen's book Crafting as a Business.
-- join your local clay guild
-- get all the display catalogs you see advertised in the clay magazines
-- subscribe to : Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, Contact, Ceramic Art
&Perception, Studio Potter and any other clay mag that you can
-- go to NCECA if you can
-- keep tuned in to Clayart. Gems appear without warning.
-- write for show applications, to see what the "big boys" require
-- get some professional slides done of your work
-- write a factual, one-page resume'
-- Use your imagination!!

Just a few thoughts
Mark Heimann
Estacada, Oregon