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updated fri 22 may 98


Inge M. Poulsen on thu 21 may 98

-using a wood fired kiln for earthenware would be a lot of trouble for no

I=B4m sorry, but this just isen=B4t true=21 I know a wonderful norweigan =
potter who
only works with earthenware, and fires in a woodfired kiln=21 He uses slips =
poured and trailed, and the ashes leaves wonderful little =22purple=22 marks=
in the
glaze, which is a beautiful combination. Once experienced, you start looking=
them everywere=21 I own and cherish a beautiful plate of his, which has =
marks, and the clay is also darker on one side of the rim than on the =
higher temp=21) The Potters name=21 Svein Narum, a well known potter over =

Inge from Denmark.

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Fra: David Hendley
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Dato: 20. maj 1998 13:56

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In my experience, using a wood fired kiln for earthenware
would be a lot of trouble for no benefit.
In any wood kiln you will have ashes blowing around and
landing on the pots. At stoneware temperatures the ashes
flux and melt, but at earthenware temperatures they will
still be pieces of ash.
When I have bisque fired in my wood kiln I have to brush
off every piece when it's removed from the kiln. I hate to
think about all those ashes stuck in a glaze. I think you
would need to fire in saggers to avoid the problem.

The fast fire wood kiln presented in Fred Olsen's book =22The
Kiln Book=22 is not much larger than 12 cu. ft. It could easily
be modified to a smaller size.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

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=3EDoes anyone have plans for or information on a fast fire wood kiln of
=3Eabout 12cu.ft.? I fire only earthenware to cone2. thanks.