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multilingual dictionary of pottery words

updated fri 22 may 98


Robert Wilt on thu 21 may 98

Hi all,

I've started a new project that some people might find
interesting. I'm trying to put together an English/French/
Spanish/etc. dictionary of pottery words.

The first cut is at the following URL:
The dictionary is hardly multilingual yet - just English and
(thanks to Edouard Bastarache) French.

If you have a working knowledge of pottery in Spanish,
Italian, German, or any other language that uses Latin
characters, and would like to volunteer to translate the word
list to your language, please email me (in English please!)
You'd need to know about making pottery, firing pottery, and
about glaze materials and glaze properties to be able to
translate the entire list.

Yes I know about translation programs, including AltaVista's,
and although they are getting better, they still don't do a
very good job with specialized vocabularies (i.e. pottery words).
A lot of the words on the list are translated properly, but
a human should do a much better job.

After this we'll work on a "Travelling Potter's Phrase Book."

bob wilt