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cone 10 red. in olympic gas kiln

updated thu 21 may 98


DEBORAH K FERREE on wed 20 may 98

Rick and all Clayart members,
I have not purchased an Olympic torchbearer yet. You are ahead of me. =
trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing here.
Mostly do Raku sculpture and large pots and have a homemade brick and =
with fiber deal. Works well but time to redo the can AGAIN and want to know =
it would be feasible to purchase a torchbearer but only if I could also do =
10 reduction firing.
I have heard they have to be modified and wonder if the cost of propane
used would be worth it. Also I fire outside all year long and wonder if the
ignition system would be too touchy in windy conditions (snowku). I do have
limited access to a couple gas kilns through my potters guild, but loose =
alot of
time in the studio making the trip into town for three days.
Laguna and Wards do not recommend cone 10 in their fiber raku kilns. =
have not tried taking my brick and fiber kiln up above cone 06. Only one
Don't know if it would work or use too much gas.
Anyone have plans for a mini (7cu. ft.) downdraft or updraft that fires =
propane without requiring a big torpedo tank in the yard?
Waiting for those plans for that DREAM KILN someone talked about the =

Deb Ferree
Bolivar, Ohio