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underglaze decals

updated thu 1 mar 01


Allan Stevenson on mon 18 may 98

I have been told that it is possible to make "transfers" or "decals"
which for use on mugs etc. after they have already been glazed. (ie
overglaze decals).
What we need is decals which can be applied before or during the
original glaze stage.
Is there something available which we can use ?
If so, can some kind soul help us out with advice or pointers to where
we can get more details?

An overview of our process:
Fine detailed drawings & illustrations on Stoneware bisque (bisque fired
to 980 degrees C) is then fired a second time to 1000 degrees C to
"harden on" the design. The articles are then dipped in a transparent
glaze (BG6004) , and the 3rd firing is to 1185 degrees C.
We would like to apply the decals before the second firing, or before
the transparent glaze is applied for the third firing.

Thanks in anticipation
Allan & Stef Stevenson

Dave Quist on thu 16 jul 98

I have a client looking for underglaze decals (^06). I have heard of
them, but do not know of anyone making or supplying them. Does
anyone have any contacts or suggestions?


Dave Quist
Fine Art Productions

P - 250-716-9394
F - 250-716-9395

bwpot on wed 28 feb 01

Can anyone help me? I am looking for info on making or buying
underglaze decals. I am firing cone 03. I have had experience with
screen printing as a print making process but would like to use the info
to create underglaze decals.


1. Could you use commercial underglazes?
2. What adhesion problems are there for bisqued pots?
3. I am assuming the decal will be applied to a bisqued pot, then
fired, then glazed with a transparent glaze.
4. Could the decal be glazed over without firing first, or will it
simply detach itself?
5. I have some decal paper and the overcoat varnish and the screens and
solvent soluble photo sensitive stencil material (as the underglaze is
water soluble). Would I need anything else?

I have only just started to research this project. I know there are
companies that make "regular" water slide decals, but does anyone make
underglaze decals by custom order?

I would appreciate any information anyone can give me.

Thank you.

Tim Worthington
Birdsall-Worthington Pottery Ltd.
590 Main St.
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Canada B0J 2E0