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signature stamps w/ polymer (sort of long)

updated mon 18 may 98


MJBURK on sun 17 may 98

In a message dated 98-05-16 16:17:00 EDT, you write:

> You can make your own signature stamps out of plaster.
You can also use polymer clay. I think maybe you want your actual
signature though right? But for other people ,
But first a word of caution..... polymer is toxic so if you can smell it while
it's baking turn down the heat, it's too high.
2nd If you have birds in your house, move them away from it.
Birds were used in mines for toxic gases, so just to be safe.
Go to craft shop and ask if they have ''Sculpy or Sculpy III'' or ''Fimo'' a
new clay in called ''Premo'' It's a polymer clay. Alot of fun !!
It bakes in your oven at 250 to 275` for usually an 1/2 hour to 1 hour. You
buy it, then need to condition it by needing it. Most people judge when it's
done is by it feeling warm. Fimo is real hard to do this with, Sculpy III
and Premo is much easier to use. For me anyway. You then shape it to desired
shape and bake. It depends on the size of shape but general rule of thumb is
1/2 hour for every 1/2 inch of thickness. Once baked it can be sanded,
carved, just about anything.
It goes for anywhere from $1.60 to $2.75 per 2oz block. Can be bought in 1
lb blocks. Sculpy .... you usually find in a 1 lb box, it's white and real
Woould be just fine for stamps.
Sculpy III has all sorts of colors, which wouldn't much matter but if want
purple stamps you can have it. This stuff can be wrapped around a wooden
handle before it's baked and wa-la there's you stamp. or you can shape the
handle all in one piece. It can be re-baked too.
I haven't tried this yet, but will because I have the initials MJB and I
write it in one continuous motion as a signature on things I make.
Someone said ''not to bake it all the way, and while's it's hot ( use oven
mittens to hold cause it IS hot, then carve out your design with those
linolium(?) carvers or whatever you want to use, then finish baking it.
Just make sure your design is deep enough. Remember ;-) letters are
negative when carving. For the life of me I can't think of any site's (lost
all my bookmarkers.. oh wait and go to those and look up
polymer items to look at what the end result can look like.
I make beads and frames and animal figure's, other poeple make sculpture's
house's, all sorts of real cool stuff.
But at least you can look at the catalog to see what the pkg looks like so you
know what your looking for in the craft stores.
If you do this, let the item totally cool in your oven/toaster oven. It
makes it stronger. Bake on grocery bags or cardboard or glass dish. Wash
well afterwards. Any question's feel free to ask. I might be getting
a new server in the next few weeks sick of AOL. At the moment I can't and
haven't been able to get onto web for 2 weeks. And AOL's no help.
P.S. leather shops are another place to look for stamps.