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updated tue 19 may 98


Tom Wirt on mon 18 may 98


Here's another (maybe additional) exercise. It can go on the end of
picking one's favorite/least favorite pots.

I took a class with Donovan Palmquist last year. He had me throw (could
be handbuilt) series of an item...preferably simple...with a variety of
shapes. Then I had to not only pick the ones I liked best (that's
relatively easy), but had to say WHY I liked each. Couldn't just
describe the shape...had to dig in and try to discover psychologically
why each attracted me. Oof. Why do I like the big round bellies on
bowls, why the nice Roman Ogee, why the solid rims, Why that concave mug
wall. Lots of introspection and self-examination, but becoming aware of
how one's personality and experience are playing out in the pots we make
definitely helps one conciously develope one's own style. Sometimes a
little scary too. Sometimes it isn't just the individual pot, but
commonalities between things we like that are clues as to why we like

Tom Wirt
Clay Coyote Pottery
Hutchinson, MN