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food safe souvenirs

updated sun 24 may 98


JoanLovell on sun 17 may 98

I've been finding some really amusing commemorative plates from the 50's and
60's at thrift shops lately. My current favorite, an homage to the New Jersey
Turnpike, features 50's autos, "start of the art" overpasses and tunnels, is
printed on a nice heavy plate and was sold at Howard Johnson restaurants along
the road back then. Just looking at the thing casts up visions of bologna...
Wonderbread.... pale iceberg lettuce... Helmann's real mayonnaise. This
particular plate may, in fact, be food safe, but there are lots of others in
which the art is obviously sitting stark naked on the surface. I'd like to use
them at the table. Any advice on best way to do this without wrecking the

TIA, Joan Lovell

Kate and Phil Smith on sat 23 may 98

Without seeming silly, Crackers! Dry foodstuf, one would think, would
avoid the leaching problem. If you find some bright orange Fiestaware
you can use it inplace of your microwave!