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updated tue 19 may 98


Joyce Lee on mon 18 may 98

Since I only have six months to get ready for my next sale (not kidding,
I'm working all year for this one sale and this time expect it to be
bigger than the last, which was big enough in spite of my efforts to
undermine myself), I'm thinking about those "discount" questions. The
thread has helped clarify my thinking for which I'm grateful. I do not
plan to discount. I also so far tend to agree with the clayarter
early-on who said that if the sale is advertised as a "quality art
sale," you don't want to cheapen the whole program by playing around
with discounts, or seconds, or end-of-sale items. I must admit, though,
that I've seen the "seconds" concept used effectively when the customers
actually waited for the signal that so-and-so Magnificent Potter was
bringing out his "seconds." I'm not sure how I feel about that one. It
seems that maybe the most important point for intermedies such as I to
garner from this discussion is to have developed a strategy beforehand
for handling those who request discounts...and stick to it. I can do
that. Thanks, Clayarters, once again.

Michael, of course you can teach. You are a gifted potter with much to
offer even beyond the confines of technique; your philosophical
meanderings are also valuable, especially to those of us who haven't
given pottery nor art much shrift until late in life. Michael's footed
bowl, by the way is exhibited in the Wayne Center for the Arts
Functional Ceramics 25th Anniversary Exhibition 1998.

In the Mojave not used to the desert snakes brought out by El Nino. Saw
a 5 footer today not far from our little acreage..either a Mojave Red or
a Red Racer...hope it was the racer...oh, indeed, I do.