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pit fire carbon

updated sun 17 may 98


DAN JOHNSTON on fri 15 may 98

Pit firing experts:

I have a question. I saw a pot that was pit fired then they horsehair
rakued to accent the colors and flashing on the pot. Now I realize you
have to first pit fire the pot then reheat it hot enough to ignite the
horse hair and allow for carbonization into the pot, BUT not too hot or
you will burn back off the pit fire carbon and colors.

My question: How hot do you go without burning back off the pit fire
colors and carbon staining?

Farmington, MO

Gracedart on sat 16 may 98

the horse hair work I've seen was done when the pot was first removed from,
in our case the raku kiln, and still very reheating
necessary....couldn't you take the pot from the pit while still hot and then
do the horse hair thing ?